Thursday, June 25, 2009

Incongruous Sight Inspires Worse Doggerel

Last night upon returning home from yet another unpleasant commute (in addition to dampening the spirits of one and all, the rain seems to have slowed down commute times to a snail's pace) I confronted a jarring sight in my front yard.

As most jarring sights do, it inspired me. So I wrote about it.

To imagine, I think, it is hard,
a toilet
In my front yard.

How it got there I know not
This ugly porcelain pot.

It torments me
This toilet
That once was filled with pee.

On a tree stump
It sits
Awaiting another dump.

I pray it soon disappears
This toilet
That once hosted so many rears.

When I get home today
It better be gone
Or sit on it I may.

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