Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Next Brilliant Marketing Idea: Official Dirt

While on a recent Southwest flight, I set down my latest read (The Coldest War, by David Halberstam) in favor of Southwest's entertaining in-flight magazine. In an article about St. Patrick's Day I read about a new product available for Irish people who miss the Old Country: Official Irish Dirt.

You can check out their web site at, and there for $20 purchase four small bags of official Irish dirt, shamrock seeds, and get free shipping.

The concept of Official Irish Dirt got me thinking about other official dirt-selling opportunities, which I have listed below:
  • Official West Bank Dirt: For the Palestinian in All of Us

  • Official Afghanistan Dirt: When You Miss Your Taliban Roots

  • Official Iraq Dirt: Nothing grows in it, but under it you may find WMD

  • Official D.C. Dirt: (So many directions to take with this one--it's just too easy)

  • Official New Orleans Dirt: Comes with official sea water, so you can submerge it

  • Official French Dirt: Start Your Own Vineyard

  • Official Ukraine Dirt: Invade it, Rebuild It, Contaminate It

  • Official Green Bay Dirt: Maybe Brett Favre Will Come Back, After All

  • Official North Korea Dirt: No Matter What You Do, Nothing Grows in It

  • Official German Dirt: Deutschland, Deutschland uber Alles in der Welt
  • Official Saudi Arabia Dirt: Dig Deeply Enough and You May Strike Oil

In so many ways, official Dirt is a brilliant product for the sole reason that even as our attachments to each other become more electronic, we remain nostalgic for physical places--to have a sense of place. With Official Dirt we can take that place with us wherever we go.

I think I am going to buy some DC Dirt right now: Maybe I can get some from near the Mayflower Hotel and see what pops up.

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