Thursday, October 11, 2007

Promotional Copy I Developed for the Father-Daughter Summit

Because I enjoy sharing my knowledge, energy, passion and expertise with organizations in whose missions I believe, a few months ago I connected with a group called is actually the website for the National Center for Fathering. The NCF's mission is to improve the well-being of children by inspiring and equipping men to be more effectively involved in the lives of children.

In response to a dramatic trend towards fatherlessness in America, the Center was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ken Canfield to conduct research on fathers and fathering, and to develop practical resources to prepare dads for nearly every fathering situation.

My own fathering situation is unique in that I am what the NCF classifies as a "Non-Custodial Dad." NCF has various categories into which they group fathers; each category on their website contains resources and information pertaining to that particular classification.

Because I am not around every day for and with my child, I regard my volunteer efforts on behalf of NCF as a way for me to express my love for my child. I find that this powerful emotion sparks the development of truly compelling content.

The two programs for which I have developed content are "Championship Fathering" (see the online brochure at and a new program called The Father-Daughter Summit. The copy below represents my first crack at promotional content for The Father-Daughter Summit program.

* * *
Once upon a time there was a Prince who could do no wrong. In times of good, in times of trouble, in joyful and painful times, he rode alongside his little princess on a brilliant white horse: She comforted and strengthened by his love and presence, he confident in his role.

His little princess adoringly called him “Daddy” and for many years they lived together in mutual love and happiness.

But time passed, and Daddy’s little princess grew up. The love they shared seemed to subside; a gap opened between them.

Where once upon a time Daddy rode to the rescue, now others appeared, marginalizing Daddy and sometimes even unsaddling him from his brilliant white horse.

Daddy grew confused, anxious, upset. He didn’t know how to respond, how to react, what he could do to repair his relationship with his now not-so-little princess.

Friends, our roles as fathers aren’t the stuff of fairy tales. Every day our growing daughters face real challenges and tough choices. As they mature, our daughters need us to help them overcome these challenges and make the right choices.

“Every daughter deserves to hear from her dad how he feels about her. Thank you for giving me that opportunity. It means so much.”

Now more than ever, our daughters need their daddies to seize and maintain an irreplaceable role in their lives.

That’s why you’re invited to devote one day of your busy life to attend the Father Daughter Summit in . The Summit is a day-long experience where practical and honest instruction is tied to interactive one-on-one sessions between dads and daughters.

At the Father Daughter Summit, you and your daughter will be immersed in a truly transformative experience. In separate and joint sessions, each of you will get proven tips, tactics and techniques you need to shepherd and sustain your relationship. Each session is carefully tailored to help you explore, understand, and work toward the relationship you want to have with your daughter.

You’ll hear from your not-so-little princess what their lives are like and what they need from you to move forward with confidence. Your daughter will learn some of the challenges you face as a father and the trials you confront in helping your daughter enter adulthood.

“Knowing that she not only needs me but also wants me in her life has changed mine.”

During your time at the Father Daughter Summit, you and your daughter will create new memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll also emerge with a concrete action plan to build and strengthen your relationship with your daughter—on terms she needs today and in the future.

“Now she knows how important she is to me. Not just the sacrifice of a day but after the Summit, the knowledge gained made her realize really how much I love her.”

By investing just one day of your busy life, you’ll lay the foundation for a lifetime relationship of loving, caring, and mutual respect. You’ll realize you don’t need to ride to the rescue on your brilliant white horse, but rather simply to be at your daughter’s side, boosting her, loving her, and giving her the confidence and strength she needs to confront the challenges ahead.

Register today for the Father Daughter Summit. Go to

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